Digital stories are multimedia projects combining text, images, audio and video files into short film clips.

In recent years, digital storytelling has turned college and university classrooms into spaces of creative critical multimedia production. Digital stories have proven to be a powerful medium for students to represent a theoretically-informed understanding of texts and contexts in a form other than “traditional” writing.

This multimedia archive on digital storytelling shares the results of a multi-campus study of student learning and digital storytelling in humanities classrooms.

What you will find in this site:

1) A research section addressing three major themes:

2) A grid that shows an alternative, condensed representation of our findings from this project

3) Video interviews with students and faculty as well as student produced digital stories

Example Think Aloud:

Charea Batiste, Interview Clip 1

  • California State University, Monterey Bay
  • Chocolate Innocence: The Story of 4 Little Girls
  • Length: 00:03:57
  • think-aloud